Encompassing over 60 years experience in the bed and mattress manufacturing industry, Silentnight have grown to become the UK’s leading sleep experts. Silentnight are completely committed to providing perfect sleep solutions for the whole family and frequently undertake comprehensive research into both groundbreaking advancements in technology and scientific discoveries in order to enhance their beds and mattresses.

It is widely acknowledged by health experts that a great night’s sleep is crucial to a person’s overall well-being and health. As leading sleep experts Silentnight understand that every sleeper has different comfort needs, and what’s comfortable for one person may not be for another. Therefore their ambition is not only to act as a reputable bed and mattress manufacturer but to provide sleep solutions for the whole family.

As sleep experts the Silentnight team seek to offer comfortable, quality sleep experiences for each person, and their exclusive Miracoil spring system provides exactly that. The Silentnight Hippo and Duck characters were created to demonstrate the unique “No Roll Together” properties of our exclusive Miracoil Silentnight mattresses.