Tempur Contour Elite


Product Description

Are you looking for a firmer feel. Experience where it all started. The Tempur Contour Collection is all about the core benefits that got Tempur noticed around the world. Space technology allows you to enjoy weightless comfort and support for the entire body. The Tempur Contour Elite Mattress delivers the core benefits of Tempur – outstanding comfort and support for the whole body. As the Tempur material moulds to your body shape you relax, so while you sleep tossing and turning is reduced. The Tempur Contour Elite Mattress has the added benefit of a handy QuickRefresh™ top, which can be conveniently unzipped for washing at 60°C. All this is designed to help you to get the rest you need.


3ft  Single(90cm x 190cm)
4ft Double
(135cm x 190cm)
5ft King size
(150cm x 200cm)
6ft Super king
(180cm x 200cm)
Small single
(75cm x 200cm)
Small Double Special size:
120cm x 190cm
Small Double Special size:
120cm x 200cm


Minimal maintenance, no turning over required Can be used on a variety of bed bases, including adjustable or standard frames with slats or platform tops

Care Guide: Never use a vacuum cleaner as this can move the fillings. Stains and spillages should be absorbed using a dry cloth. If needed, sponge the mattress with a damp cloth and mild soap and water solution.

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